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Savage: Woman Edition

Womanhood is a glorious honor that comes with a plethora of titles and responsibilities. The disparities in the home and work place is often considered but rarely challenged. It's all too common for women to work, raise children, tend to their homes, and juggle a number of family affairs. If a woman is so determined, she will even manage to hold a business, or two. Having to find the hard balance between work, family, home, and self will usually result in prioritization in that order.

A few years ago, "self-care" became a popular buzz word and hashtag but often manifests as a stroll through Target aisles picking up household items or, if you are lucky, finally getting to the nail salon for a much needed pedicure. You see, Instagram and TikTok would have us thinking women everywhere are just partying and vacationing. In real life, women are Taking Care of Business. Sometimes womanhood is simply SAVAGE. Womanhood requires one to push past all restraint and barriers to set out and achieve the seemingly impossible.

In March 2020, women around the country were sent home from work in response to COVID-19, sharing intimate space with their husbands, children, elderly parents and lets not forget the fur-babies. For those who managed to keep their jobs, a number of them became instant Managers of their mandated Stay-At-Home Offices. The bonus feature to the "promotion" increased the scope of work to now include the workload of a teacher, nanny, chef, housemaid and dare I say on-demand lover. Savage women everywhere took the job with the Olivia Pope attitude, "Its Handled".

Have you figured it out yet? Women are amazing. To look good and manage to feel good with a nightmare pandemic and social unrest encroaching our daily lives is a skill, a SAVAGE SKILL. There is very little time for complaints because SAVAGE is an action word. SAVAGE doesn't understand defeat, it only registers with mission-driven perseverance. Women in this country should be recognized more for their unfathomable wherewithal; the ability to adapt, transform, and perform all while being a shoulder to lean on.

About the Photos:

Mannie Toraz, DMV stylist and designer, set out to celebrate women through fashion. As a stylist, Mannie called on seven of his fiercest models who wear several hats raising children, completing school, working full-time and/or run businesses. The models were called to a photo-shoot experience where Mannie provided facials, makeovers, and styling. The models were pampered to feel as good as they ultimately looked. He called the beauty project Savage Seven. During the make-over models shared what it means to be Savage.

Being myself apologetically is my definition of a savage. I think it’s savage as hell to have so much confidence in yourself that you can tell somebody F off if they don’t agree. - Model Testimony
Being a “mom-trepreneur” is savage AF. Taking on chasing my dreams with a baby on my hip is probably one of the most bad ass things I’ve ever done. Everyday it tests just how savage I am. - Model Testimony

Photo Credits:

Shoot Theme: Savage Seven

Lead Wardrobe Stylist & Creative Director:

MANNIE TORAZ @mannietoraz

Styling Assistant:

DeAndre Lionel @dreestylezz


Brandon S Hunter @hunterscottimagery

Makeup artist:

Michelle Zamora @madcuttermd

Lead Hairstylist:

Angelo Snider @los.lab

Hairstylist assistant:

Cory "Hollywood" Barham @1onlyhollywood

Licensed Master Esthetician:

Ian Edwards, CEO

6/4 luxury skincare.


Sasha l @mami.d

Julenni Mora @morathemtalks

Luisa Cabezas @labebaa__

Nair Lenise @officialnailenise

Bessie Lee Gee @imbessielee

Kyra Alexandria @kyra.alexandria

Emily P @epev__




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