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DaJon J. The Inaugural Fashion Show: The Intentionality of Elegance

Award winning and internationally recognized DaJon J. has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with in the Baltimore area. He kicked off his inaugural fashion show ‘The Intentionality of Elegance’ on September 14th. He is a designer that isn’t afraid to create outside of the box.

“ I don’t like being ordinary and I’m not going to apologize for it!”

The show opened with a review of DaJon J showcasing different elements of what he is able to create. Although his brand exudes elegance, high-fashion and couture, he makes it known that he isn’t afraid to mix colors, prints, textures, or patterns.

Jospeh Green

The triple threat, Joseph Green as DaJon J. exclaimed, started off as a model, later explored photography and now has delved into designing realm. Kourageaux a high-fashion menswear brand was established in the FAll of 2018. Green’s pieces were beyond phenomenal for a designer whose debut was literally a year ago. Kourageaux, a play on words means courageous in French. Green’s collection suits men who are courageous, strong and masculine and aren’t afraid to push the limits with their style. Kourageaux, definitely isn’t for the faint of hearts.

Antowan Fleeton

Antowan Fleeton, another triple threat is not only a designer but also a hairstylist and a make-up artist. A Montgomery, Alabama native by way of Atlanta, GA, A. Fleeton, “believes in taking the ordinary and turning it into innovative designs. His collection, AFleeton was praiseworthy!

Belly The Brand

Belly the Brand is fresh, flashy, fun and fashion! The curator of this brand showcased daring but fun and flirty pieces. As this designer jump into the fashion business fresh out of school this collection shows that this is only the beginning for her!

Bang Paylor & Aaron Handy

A fashion forward, styled/designer based brand,Kinetic Styles by none other that the owners of Model’s Inc., Bing and Aaron Handy wowed the crowd with their ‘Mens Resort Wear’ and ‘Nude’ collections.

Andrew Roberts from Brooklyn, New York left the attendees in awe as his cutting edge pieces hit the runway. Roberts appears to be a designer who isn’t afraid to shake things up and push the envelope in menswear.

Also hailing from the bright lights city of New York, Anita Rivers of Classic Royalty is a “little woman with big designs.” A crowd favorite her collection was innovative, bright and glitzy.


Journalist: Crystal Davis @prettypoised

Photos by: Dare Digitals @daredigitals

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