Seasonal Depression. Yes, that’s a thing.

What if someone told you that the shorter days, longer nights, and colder temperatures of winter could cause ongoing feelings of sadness, would you believe them? Well, it’s true! Seasonal depression is a real thing, and some of us may not even realize its happening. No, it’s not in your head that today just feels like a drag, and the lack of Vitamin D does not boost your energy. You are happier in the summer with tons of energy, but in the winter, it feels like it’s never going to end, and all the things you love to do just seem like plans that were made by a better version of yourself.

When most people think of depression, they think clinical, which can be a long-term version of depression that usually comes with a formal diagnosis or seasonal, which can be dependent on an event or occurrence in a person’s life. There is no ONE reason someone may feel or be depressed. Seasonal depression is based on the abrupt or upcoming changes in weather, lack of sunlight, and the gloom of wintertime.

One day you are wearing your favorite outfit and sandals with your cool shades on. Then the next, its boots, sweaters, and scarfs. This change can cause people to feel severe sadness, and their willingness to be a part of

society decreases. So how do you ”self-diagnose” seasonal depression? Well, you shouldn’t. You should seek out the help of a Mental Health Professional or even your General Practitioner to help you explore if what you are feeling is, in fact, a form of depression, including seasonal.

...Read More in Nura Magazine Winter 2020 issue.

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