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Traditional Runway Turns Virtual Insanity

Spring and Summer of 2020 is proving to become quite the renaissance era for the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, the catalyst for change is none other than the pestilence of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) that has plagued the entire world. Despite the despair we have seen a remarkable response and adaptation to fight for normalcy. From Zoom business meetings and virtual parties to social media battles and celebrity live streams, everything we once enjoyed in the company of large audiences and physical interaction is now more readily accessible in the comfort of our homes. Some of the largest events of the year to include ESPY awards, BET awards, and Essence Festival have all taken a virtual and/or pre-recorded spin.

This has been no different in the fashion industry. The world of fashion is marveled for its combination of creativity, artistic vision, design mastery, and stage flare. Fashion enthusiasts look forward to snagging a front row seat to attend the most anticipated runway shows in their city and abroad. In the spirit of COVID, the runways too have become virtual, but no less exciting. Such was the case with Indie Fashion Week in Washington DC. Just before the 4th of July holiday, the much respected ROE agency hosted Virtual Insanity II, a sequel to their first spring virtual production.

“This is the way things are going to be now,” explains Harley Morgan, CEO of ROE Agency/Indie Fashion Week. He continues, “I hope things go back to normal but I can get used to this.” The beauty of virtual shows is that you are allowed to get more creative and more involved in the editing for a phenomenal show. In the latest Virtual Insanity, there was an entire scene that involved high fashion and luxury cars. Truly, what’s better than models, gowns and luxury cars? Making statements! The show demonstrated a very fashion forward climate check in the scene “BLM” and the performance by Denny in The City who performed his song “Hands Up.” You can’t be in the fashion industry if you are afraid to push the envelope and evoke change. The show which streamed on the Instagram platform gave the ultimate feel of an in person event with host, Mr. GPS and a number of VIP virtual guests to include celebrity guitarist, Ari O’Neal, event stylist J Moxy Styles, the legendary Glenn Jackson and more.

On a global scale, we can expect many other productions to follow suit. Paris Couture Shows will broadcast this week with short films and videos. Milan will then present a Digital Fashion Week mid July. New York Fashion Week has yet to confirm if the September shows will invite a physical audience, however, most speculate a hybrid of technology and special guests at the very least. The new digital age of fashion is officially here and here to stay.

Photos from Segment: "I'm Rich"

Photographer: Adrian McQueen, @AdrenalineLifestyles

Designer: Arriet Nicole, @WhyBPosh

Virtual Insanity II Highlights

Fashion Scenes

  • I’m Rich- Luxury wear featuring a mixture of tux, gowns, mesh and metallics

  • The Enchanted Forest - Formal menswear meets tribal inspired women's fashion

  • SKIN by @shanetalleythomas - An artist tribute to HIV

  • BLM- All Black Streetwear to represent Racial Justice

  • SPLASH- Poolside swimwear

  • Style and Still Waters- High fashion in black and white


  • Ari O’Neal - Celebrity Guitarist

  • Anwaa Kong - Serial Entrepreneur Brand Ambassador

  • Jodie Johnson - J Moxy Styles

  • Glenn Jackson Maven, Golden Scissors Awards @glennjackson

  • The Manifesting Beauty - Fashionista

  • The Media Prince - Media Maven


  • Lady Dame

  • Denny in The City

  • Daynin Michael

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