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Mission Made Possible: Meatless Foods

The world is going green and for good reason. The human race is depleting the world's resources and this includes our animals. Many are making a conscious decision to go vegetarian or vegan for a number of lifestyle choices. For one, its healthy. Choosing to eat green considerably cuts down on the bad choices that we make in our diets. Adding more vegetables in your daily meals alone could improve your health. However, those who grew up with meat as a staple particularly have a hard time cutting back. The best way to keep eating what you love without sacrificing too much is to find the best vegetarian substitutes.

Impossible foods have made this easier for us all. Not only are they creating tasty vegetarian burgers, meatballs, and tacos that would fool the most carnivorous eater, but they are now available in restaurants nationwide. No more hard decisions while you dine in or take out. The choice is made easier if you have good options; meatless options. Soon impossible burgers will also be available in grocery stores so you can enjoy a meatless burgers right in your home.

Find an Impossible burger at a restaurant near you.

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