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The Science of Hair Hydration

The coldest temperatures of the year are upon us. These are the harshest times when it comes to our bodies. Our skin takes a beating and we notice that are lips are dry. What about our hair? Yes, our hair. The hair, like the rest of our bodies, require both moisture and hydration. Outside of drinking plenty of water, which is absolutely necessary, our hair care routine is just as essential to protect the health of our hair during this time.

Tracy Golbourne, owner of Fortified Naturals, often educates her customers on the importance of hair hydration. She learned while researching that most of the products that we use today are counterproductive to this process. While we may think we are moisturizing our hair, we are essentially just causes damage through clogging the hair follicles and weighing down our hair.

According to Golbourne, many products on the shelves claim to hydrate and moisturize our hair, however this is furthest from the truth. When using such products we often experience temporary soft and silking results after conditioning or when wet. After one or two days, the effect may soon wear off. Apparently this soft texture is an illusion caused by “film forming” ingredients. Those ingredients causes wax build up and ultimately clog our hair follicles and pores.

Golborne teaches that in order for ingredients to actually penetrated the hair strand, it has to have a certain molecular structures. This structure is defined by having between 18-20 carbon atoms. For many of us who do not related to such scientific facts, this is really tiny; tiny enough to actually penetrate the hair. While products often claim to lock in moisture, the hydration process is completely skipped and waxes are applied to sit on top of the hair strands and block any necessary hydration. The truth is, “you can’t trap water; water naturally evaporates”, statesTracy Goldbourne.

Fortified Naturals, was created to do what many products can’t because of the wax bases in the ingredients. “When i broke down the ingredients in all of the formulas that wasn't working I found the ingredients had no potential of penetrating the strand at all. In creating Fortified Naturals, I went the opposite route.” Golbournes products uses ingredients that do in fact contain ingredients that fall within necessary range of carbon atoms. These ingredients include water, avocado oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.

Tracy Golbourne challenge other companies, especially black owned companies, to do better with their product offerings. She finds that many women waste money on products in effort to find something that really works. “Women want to feel beautiful and not spend a lot of money on their hair. If you just take a look at how much money women spend on hair products they could have went on vacation with it”.

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