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The Year of Intention: 2019

Upon every new year, we set resolutions and goals to accomplish. Then days, weeks or months down the line we are back to our old habits that we swore we were going to break. Are you standing firm and true to your new year resolutions? Don’t fret, if you have fallen off the wagon there’s still time to get back on track. However, let’s take a different approach this time.

2019 should be the year of “Intention” for you. There’s a great difference between having a goal and actually being intentional with your goal. When a person have dreams and aspirations, they are usually followed by brainstorming sessions. What then brings those goals into fruition are the action steps that you take to intentionally bring those goals to life. Without action steps and being intentional you may become stagnant. For example, let’s say you were given the blueprint to build your dream home but all you did was lay that blueprint on the lot where you wanted to build that house. Without proper planning and action that house will remain just that, a blueprint. Additionally, looking at the goal as a whole can be very intimidating. Hence, it’s best to take baby-steps and write down the action steps. As you accomplish those baby-steps they can be seen as “small wins” and confidence boosters as you getting closer to reaching the overarching goal.

5 Steps to Reach Your New Year Goals

  1. Make a vision board – make sure your vision board represents you. Your vision board can depict short-term and long-term goals. If this is your first time making a vision board, start small. Initially starting out with a large board can be intimidating and you may struggle trying to find pictures, statements and other decorations to cover the entire board.

  2. Visibility – Hang your vision board somewhere where you will see it daily. This will be a constant reminder of your goals which will push you to focus and take action.

  3. Write down your goals – Yes, repetition plays a major role. Although you have a visual representation of your goals through your vision board it is also important that you actually write your goals down as well. Be sure to distinguish your short-term goals from your long-term goals.

  4. Determine your action steps – Start with one goal at a time and determine what the action-steps/baby-steps are to reach those goals. If you are unsure what steps are needed to reach your goal; network. Consult with someone who may have already reached a similar goal and/or conduct research.

  5. Repeat Step 4 – As you may have more than one goal for 2019, repeat step 4 as many times as needed.

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