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It's Your Body, PERIOD.

Samia Gore

Everyone has an opinion and rightfully so. When it comes to our bodies; however, the only opinion that matters is our own. Samia Gore, author of Plastica, is fighting against Body Shaming. This summer she launches her campaign My Body Period. The campaign promotes body positivity by discouraging judgment, shaming and abuse of one’s body regardless of how they look or what is deemed acceptable or encouraged by mainstream society.

We have the right to do whatever we want with our bodies. We can eat what we want, work out as much as we want, flaunt what we want, and change what we want. The problem today is not that we are obsessed with our bodies but that we are potentially obsessed for the wrong reasons. We seek attention but are not improving the quality of our lives nor dealing with the mental anguish pressed upon us.

Samia Gore was once 250 pounds. After her 3rd child, battling depression and dealing with a tumultuous marriage, Samia decided to embark upon a Mommy Make Over. The series of surgeries was just the beginning of her physical glow up, spiritual journey and entrepreneurial success. Ultimately, she made personal decisions for her life. She identified areas that she wanted to improve on and did just that.

While Samia, advocates for women’s choice when it comes to surgeries, she also advises women to understand what their goals are. “Never get surgery to impress or please anyone else. Don’t do it for someone else’s pleasure including your boyfriend or husband. It’s best to do it for yourself.” Body goals should be personal goals; not anyone else’s.

Through her online community @BellaBarbiesOfficial, women openly talk about weight loss and cosmetic surgery in a positive manner. While criticism is not tolerated, Samia comes across women dealing with mental health issues and undoubtedly hard on themselves. She warns women not to have plastic surgery simply because they are depressed or have mental health challenges. Changing your physical appearance will not make you happy unless you are dealing with the challenges inside. Rather you will seek more surgeries and constant approval.

Samia is happy with the decisions that she made. She is loving the skin she is in. She is rocking her new look, remarried, and business is booming. Her creation of Body Complete RX, an all-natural weight management kit, has expanded her platform from cosmetic surgery to include fitness and wellness.

Regardless of your choices, no one has the right to judge. Samia believes, “one’s body is their temple and however they look, or whatever they decide to do with their body should not provoke ridicule because it’s that person’s body, PERIOD”.

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