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Courtney Ajinca

If you love to entertain with an active imagination, event planning may be the career for you. Courtney Ajinca, wife of NBA star Alexis Ajinca, is just that person. Although event planning may have been a career that she has stumbled into there’s no doubt that you can see the passion and meticulousness behind her events."I can look at a space and envision how it would look with different décor and designs", Courtney explains.

At a very young age Courtney began planning events for her church which ultimately led to her family and friends asking her to plan various events for them, whether it was a baby shower, or an over the top birthday bash!

Believe it or not, these wonderful events all begin with a conversation. Just by hearing your ideas, likes and dislikes, Courtney can bring your concepts to life. Now here comes the fun part. Once the venue has been chosen Courtney can literally see your vision in 3D [in her mind at first] and then she will start gathering inspiration photos and developing design boards. Once the design boards are complete she will provide you with 3 options to choose from. With your selection, Courtney goes back to her computer and digitally creates 3D layouts of your future event. Of course, she has to leave a few details out so that you too are shocked on your big day!

They always say I gave you an idea and you just took it somewhere that I couldn’t even imagine.

Courtney has a very active imagination, as her father use to say. She sees things differently and animated. Her goal is to create an ‘experience.’ On any given event she may add performers, a room focal point or dramatic centerpiece that will draw everyone’s attention. "I’m all about giving the guests a wow factor." Her events will leave your guests talking and questioning who did your event.

The best planners can make it happen regardless of the circumstances. With any event, everything may not go as planned all the time. Issues may arise on the day of an event, however Courtney makes it clear that all matters are handled within her team unless it is an issue that is out of her control and or that she cannot resolve. "If the unexpected happens it will still be a phenomenal event for my client and I will make sure that they do not have to worry about it. I will keep calm and even if things are going chaotic, I don’t let the client see that; the client is the first priority," she exclaims. As a result of her practice, Courtney has worked with various NBA players including her husband, Dutchess of Ink, Rasheeda Frost , Anthony Davis’s mother [Erainer Davis], Alexis Green, and various other celebrities.

Courtney may be married to a successful NBA star; however, that has not stopped her from following her own dream. Juggling a career, family and wifely duties is not an easy task but Courtney strives to show her children that hard work pays off. ‘I want my children to have that mentality that they should get out there and work," she confirms. All the while, she keeps her children and her biggest baby [her husband] happy. Courtney holds firm that she makes time for her family despite her busy career of passion. She explains, "My husband is a huge fan of eating lunch together so every day I try to schedule my meetings around getting back home to eat lunch with my husband, so he won’t cry [laughs]".

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