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Makeup Meets Media

“It’s a new year, so I need new makeup.” Makeup lovers like myself are always trying to justify the purchase of a new product. In my Instagram search for something that will solidify my 2018 Glow Up, I stumbled across Girl Media Cosmetics. Now, I won’t lie, a little birdie told me that she knew the owner of the company, Bobby Shay, so I decided to mosey onto her page. I like to do a little research on brands prior to spending my coins, so I reached out to NYC based makeup artist and blogger to find out more about her company.

Little did I know, I share some things in common with this cosmetic boss. Like myself, when Bobby Shay was younger she wasn’t too concerned with her hair or nails, let alone makeup. But one day after getting a full-face beat by her friend’s sister, she put the neighborhood bike rides aside and picked up a makeup brush and the rest is HERstory.

What inspired you to start your cosmetic line?

Bobby Shay: What inspired me to start a cosmetic line was my love for beauty. As I climbed out of my tomboy ways I love the way it [makeup} makes you look and feel and I wanted to be apart of making woman feel beautiful daily.

What inspired the name of your cosmetic line?

Bobby Shay: I named my cosmetic line GirlMedia because I’m a Blogger/Journalist who does a lot of press and media on top of doing makeup at every event or place I go. People always call me GirlMedia because they’re familiar with my blog, so I just thought that was a dope idea to name my cosmetic line GirlMedia By Bobby Shay.

What is a must have item from your cosmetic line?

Bobby Shay: The must have item from the brand is the Glitter Crystals. My glitter eye look is my signature look when I’m stepping out, gold glitter eye, red lipstick, and bronze cheeks

What can we expect in 2018? What’s next?

Bobby Shay: My next move is lingerie. I want to own a beauty boutique selling lingerie and makeup. [It will be a place where] you can also get your face beat and get fitted. I want it to stand out. It will be like Victoria Secret meets M.A.C Makeup.

Girl Media Cosmetics officially launched with a Pop-up shop in NYC on January 13, 2018. The official website will launch the first week in February. If you missed the first Pop-up shop, she will be hosting a second one in Brooklyn on March 10, 2018. While we await the arrival of those must-have glitter crystals, we can stay in the know by following Bobby Shay on social media.

Instagram: @GirlMedia_ @GirlMediaCosmetics_

Twitter: @Talkaboutitmedia

Facebook: GirlMediaCosmetics


Khilia Chantal

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