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Historical Highlights of the 2017 Election

Yesterday's election brought about historic wins for both minorities as well as the LGBT community. For the first time ever we are seeing openly transgender officials taking office. Minorities are also still making headlines in their respective states. From mayors to law makers, America is still making strides for positive change despite the controversial Presidential Election in 2016 which had many in fear of a back sliding society. Take a look at the full list of political pioneers of the 2017 elections.

Melvin Carter III became St. Paul's first mayor of color yesterday in Minnesota.

Vi Lyles became the first Black woman to become the Mayor of Charlotte, NC.

Ravinder Bhalla

Ravinder Bhalla is the first Sikh mayor in the state of New Jersey

Kathy Tran is the 1st Asian American elected to the House of Delegates in Virginia

Jennny Durkan is now the first lesbian mayor elected to Seattle, Washington.

Andrea Jenkins is the first transgender of color elected to public office and is now serving on the Minneapolis City Council.

From journalist to law maker, Danica Roem is the first openly transgender elected in Virginia.

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