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Indie Strikes 5

Indie Fashion Weeks concluded its 5th cycle this past weekend. This year the fashion curators presented a week of Avant-Garde. Event organizers define Avant-Garde a "favoring or introducing experimental or unusual ideas". Indie Fashion Week kicked off October 9th with its popular Mondel Mondayz social featuring Instant Vintage 78. On Tuesday Indie Fashion Week explored the social ills of domestic violence through the screening of "Counter Stories" followed by a panel discussion. Wednesday October 11th, fan favorite Street Symphony Streetwear showcased trendy urban fashion. On Friday, October 13th, The Awakening took what was borrowed from the past to create a hot new fashion statement.

Indie Fashion, held no cards on Sunday at the finale event themed Avant-Garde Avenue. "Stop getting us confused with DC Fashion Week, stop doing that" exclaimed event producer Harley Morgan. He continued, "This is not for the uptight, to sit in here and not clap and not be excited about whats going on...this is culture. This is nothing fake. Lets keep it like that-Indie Fashion Week." The Roe Agency created Indie Fashion week to create opportunities to showcase and sell fashion from the hard work yet sometime overlooked independent artists.

Designers included:

  • Bold Aesthedics

  • Kourageux By Joe Green

  • Blaire Devon Collection

  • Mannie Toraz

  • The Victorian Collection

  • BTF Clothiers x ESA STYLE AGENGY

  • Jean T.T.

  • Picaso Designz

  • Jenee Dionne

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