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The Shimmer Life: Adiz "Bambi" Benson

While everyone is running down #THEBAM’s love life, Adiz “Bambi” Benson is cancelling out all of the noise while making boss moves. Not only is she the CEO of Shimmer Elite Extensions, but Bambi has also put enormous effort into her charity Shimmer Living Foundation. Life as a reality star can be complex, especially when your very own relationship is of prime focus. As a result, Bambi called it quits to the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta series, at least for now. Today she is channeling all the good in her life while making a positive impact on young girl’s lives.

Most of us are aware that Bambi is a successful hair connoisseur with Shimmer Elite Extensions. What is not as publicized is that proceeds from every purchase of her hair collection goes to the Shimmer Living Foundation. She targets girls who may lack the resources to feel beautiful and confident in the classroom. Bambi believes that confidence can be directly linked to academic achievement. We all have experienced that girl who sits in the back of the room unwilling to participate. She may not have the most stylish clothes, latest hair styles, or the best hygiene habits. Unfortunately, this is the student with low self-esteem who often becomes the target of bullies. Growing up, Bambi called herself the Bully of Bullies because she stood up for the less fortunate girls.

When reflecting on her upbringing in Compton, Bambi reveals that for her it was just the way things were. Now as an adult and having traveled the country, she realized that it was a bit rough. Currently, she is doing her part to make a change through her foundation. Living in Atlanta she identifies girls through partnerships with professionals like teachers who work with children. Many of her recipients have been direct referrals. Bambi’s services include events, wigs for hair loss patients, fashion tips, grooming consulting, and donating basic toiletries such as deodorant and tooth paste.

The Shimmer Living Foundation also supports mental health. Bambi believes we develop mental health issues such as depression and anxiety by simply being taunted. She explains, “If we can start with something that feels small to the average person, then we can raise awareness across the board to everything else.”

Bambi is still most known for her recent role on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. She affirms that reality television is an amazing platform however it exacerbates the most dramatic situation. Bambi will only consider future opportunities if the situation feels right. She explains:

"Reality television is an amazing platform. It’s just whatever the most dramatic situation you in at the time (in your life) that is what will give the most ratings. I don’t have any drama, and I don’t want to create any for the sake of being on the TV Show. Some people can turn it on and off. For me I had a whole relationship on the show. That’s not something you can turn off and turn on. It’s just going to linger. Whatever issues you have, (first) you go through it, then people are going to watch it, then people are going to talk about it. That creates a really toxic environment. I’m not really there right now and I hope I never have to be in that place again."

Today Bambi is focusing all of her energy and attention on her professional endeavors.

If there is anyone who would like to support Shimmer Living Foundation or refer a girl in need, please contact:

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