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The Real Make Up Artist of DC

It’s finally here. A witty team of beauty professionals have released one of the most anticipated independent reality series of the year, The Real Make-Up Artists of DC. #REALMUASDC

The first episode exceeds expectations, captivating the audience while setting the stage for this electrifying first season. The opening introduces us to the producer, lead personality, and mastermind of the show Ty Cobb also known as “Ms. A Large”. Ty Cobb, is a self-proclaimed “quadruple threat” as a make-up artist, media personality, producer and CEO of her cosmetic line S.N.O.B. Envy. On the show, she unveils the idea to create a Washington D.C. based glam squad that aims to take over the beauty scene by supporting events and servicing high profile clientele. She consults her cast selection with friend and business partner Harley Morgan, whom she dubs Diddy of the City. The cast is full of uninhabited personalities to say the least. Beside Ms. A Large herself, Stefan and Shanda has already proven to be fan favorites offering unapologetic sass and humor.

On Saturday, July 22 a private viewing party celebrated the birth of the series on DC’s historic H street corridor. This area is known for its rich history in arts and commerce, thus sets the perfect stage to premier the show. Ty Cobb wore a remarkable custom black laced jumpsuit and train designed by cast member Picasso. Throwing her train around Ty Cobb was the life of the party demonstrating why she is often referred to as the DC It Girl. A personality that promises to keep the show quite interesting. In other words, she is made for the big screen. The cast participated in a panel discussion in front of the venue’s chic fireplace as the first formal opportunity to get to know our new reality stars.

Picasso is a revered make-up artists and designer who came into own with his personal life

Stefan, originally not favored, proved to be a valuable and beloved member of the crew

Amber the Beauty Boss is a long-time friend of Ty Cobb doubted

Tonja is the southern bell and mom figure who wants to keep everyone together.

Shanda is the bad child who also merges beauty and fashion as a designer.

Esquire is the Texan raised artist who comes with an experience of high profile clientele.

Harley is Ty Cobb’s friend, business partner, and radio co-host

Orlando- King O will make appearances as a designer and stylist.

Braedon Jenkins of Xlens Productions is the videographer and creative brainchild of the project.

The crew repeatedly thanked Ty Cobb for her A Large vision. Cast member Tonya remarked, “We are not the only make-up artists but Ty Cobb is a REAL one. She held on to the show for years until it was her time to create. It was time to birth this baby that she has been carrying for years. We are all chosen artists walking in our gifts.” The show will air Sundays at 8pm on the DMV TV Network. You may also find it on the Youtube channel TY COBB TV.

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