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Summer Tip: Just add 'Lemon'

Lemons are such are refreshing touch to the summer months. When you are looking for that extra something to take your dull platter to the next level- just add lemon. This works especially well with fish and vegetables. Just a hint of lemon will change your pallet from ordinary to extraordinary.

Don't forget your beverages. Lemon water is never out of style. We all know we really don't enjoy drinking water. We do so because we have to. In recent years there has been the growing popularity of infusion incorporating the taste and nutrients of various fruits. However, there is something cleansing and refreshing of our go to lemon water. Plus it doesn't take long to take effect.

According to the nationally known nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, real organic lemon juice can greatly benefit the body. The combination lemon and water can aid in weight loss, hydration of the body, improving the digestive system and increasing your vitamin C intake. Once in the body lemon water helps to rid your kidneys and liver of wastes and toxins. Lemons can also reduce cellulite due to its stimulation of blood flow to the skin. Did we mention lemons helps to achieve flawless skin?

So if not just for the taste alone, grab yourself a basket of lemons as your seasonal secret.

Sources: Livestrong & Healthambition

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