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State of Our 20s: Schoolin' Life Edition

Saturday, April 1st, Latisha Carr hosted the State of Our Twenties; Schoolin’ Life Edition event in Silver Spring, MD on the campus of Montgomery College. This event was filled with twenty and thirty-somethings eager to network and learn the tricks and trades of navigating the entrepreneurial world. The event concluded with a panel discussion which focused on financial literacy, finding your purpose, balancing family life and more. The panel guests included: Jessica Gaddy, LGSW-Mental Health, Mica Saunders- Physical Health, Marcus White, Financial Well-Being, Sable D. Frazier- Politics and Lady Spinelli Byrd, Entrepreneurship and Parenting. This was not your typical networking event. The host highlighted the concerns of 20-somethings and provided them with the tools necessary to move their lives forward.

The featured speakers included Candice Nicole, Candice Nicole PR, Raevyn Jones, Pink Slip Prep School and Tiona K. Blayden, Provers 31 Boss Academy. Each speaker gave their perspective on how they utilized their twenties to lay the foundation of their businesses. Noting that they all did not become successful overnight; however, it took a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifices.

Candice Nicole encouraged the attendees to create their own opportunities. “When you create your own opportunities you will feel accomplished, unstoppable and motivated." She continued to stress that you cannot just wait for an opportunity to land in your lap, you have to create it. Fear is what stops most people from accomplishing their goals; however, it’s once you get out of your own way, you will see that anything that you put your mind to can be accomplished.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

Raevyn Jones, who just held a 3-day conference focused on entrepreneurship decided to take a different approach. “The 20s are your defining decade,” that’s the time when individuals need to attend networking events, workshops and surround themselves with like-minded individuals. Laying the foundation in your twenties will “determine who you are and where you are in your thirties.” She inspired the attendees to have an imagination, be intentional and influential.

Tiona K. Blayden explained the three levels of relationships which include having accountability partners, people that will influence you and people that you influence. Your accountability partners are the individuals that will hold you to your goals and are there to frankly keep you in check. Everyone has heard the saying if you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. It is important to have people in your life that influence you to strive towards your goals and inspire you to better yourself. On the contrary, it’s important to have people in your life who are where you once were so that you can be that helping hand that is there to push them forward.

“I wanted to bring to you some of my resources and some of the people that I turn to when I have ideas, dreams and goals,” said Latisha Carr. Latisha is a Life Coach and the creator of Where Do You Dream. State of Our 20s was her first and sold-out event, which exceeded all expectations. Attendees included individuals from all over the US. If you missed this event, you will definitely want to make sure you are present at the next!

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