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National Press Club welcomes "Mr. President", the book

While the District of Columbia is vigorously preparing for the Inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, the National Press Club hosted a book launching today for “Mr. President.” Compiled by Rev. Darryl Sims and Barbara Williams-Skinner, “Mr. President” gives an interfaith perspective on the 8 year term of President Barack H. Obama and his family. Attending the launch were 14 of the 84 contributors who helped to capture the legacy of our beloved President. Each gave insight of the administration from their diverse backgrounds as prominent religious leaders.

Guests received their signed copy of the publication upon entering the Holeman Lounge, Thursday afternoon. The room was filled with excitement and curiosity as everyone thumbed through its content. National Press Club President, Thomas Burr, began with opening remarks. Honoree after honoree spoke of the magnitude and gratitude of having experienced the first black president of the United States.

With a common theme of disappoint and anxiety as a result of the newly elected leader of the free world, the books impeccable timing afforded an uplifting reflection of the achievements in the African American community. The interfaith perspective brought together religious leaders and worshipers of all beliefs and backgrounds to bond together for a common purpose of celebration and remembrance.

“There's no doubt that becoming the first black President of the United States of America is Barack Obamas greatest legacy. His remarkable success in office has delivered a significant blow to negative stereotypes as it pertains to African Americans” - Dr. Sims in an interview.

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