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Capital Solstice - Pop Up Gala

Friday, August 5th 2016, Timothy Thompson presented "Capital Solstice", a pop up Gala in Washington DC. What is a "Pop Up" Gala? You would be surprised to know that participants purchase their tickets in advanced, pull together their finest evening attire, only to know where they are going within 48-hours prior to the event date. This year, Capital Solstice was announced to be at the Echo Stage. A video was released of the venue's transformation in preparation for the big night. Prior to it debut in DC, this event has sold out 12 times in New York. Timothy Thompson, founder of Capital Solstice wanted to "bring something great to DC," while creating an atmosphere where people "can eat and drink until 2am without having to eat hot dogs and meatballs."

The night began with a BomBom Chocolate Cocktail Hour. During this time, guests were welcomed into the lobby and on the red carpet where they eagerly waited to see the newly adorned space. Once inside, the venue was set up in conversation style seating and sporadic stand up tables. Staff walked around serving a 9-course meal (one dish at time in intervals). By the 6th dish, guests were on their feet and dancing, courtesy of DJ Social and the Cash Bar.

The night was hosted by Guy Lambert. Special guests included Sunni & the City (WPGC), Darik (CBS Radio), Kenny KAS (designer), and Danella Sealock (NBC) to name a few. Cecily Alexa graced the night with a voice that resonated through walls. A fashion show presentation by Korto Momolu (Project Runway) was was nothing short of beautiful models, bright colors with a fun mix of colors.

Proceeds of Capital Solstice went to The Becky's Fund. Becky Lee founded her organization to raise awareness to both men and women who have been the victims of abuse. The organization is solution oriented, building programs to address the often overlooked epidemic in the community. The Becky's Fund is dear to Mr. Thompson who grew up around partner violence. He notes the importance of educating and creating discernment around this issue by stating that the main take away from the event is to "bring awareness to partner violence, while working with and creating opportunities for local and small businesses."

In the near future you can catch this Pop Up Gala in other cities as they head towards Atlanta and Tennessee. Also, if you would like your charity to be featured during an upcoming event, make sure you are "active and committed to your mission," Timothy exclaims.

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