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A Thug is a noun; a violent person, especially a criminal. Anyone that prides themselves on living a violent lifestyle and/or proclaiming to be a criminal has some serious familial, mental and social issues. He is not the Man for you. Research reveals there is a little crazy in everyone. However, if you have criminal tendencies all the time, you need help. Mental illness is a behavior problem. Researchers reports an association between an extra Y chromosome and violent crime in males at a heritability rate of 0 to more than 50 percent for predisposition to crime. Yes, crazy is an inheritable factor from past generations unknown and it exists in future generations!

Some people seem to be infatuated with the notion of living a dramatic lifestyle. Perhaps this results from either too much televised entertainment; or, is it an ill-fated family matter? Today’s music lyrics and videos underlying concept is associating violent activities with drugs and money. This popularity leads one to question, is a Brother truly living a mafia lifestyle? The answer is no. Please be reminded, mafia lifestyle is a secret criminal organization involved in international drug-dealing, racketeering, gambling, and prostitution. However, our young men are stimulated about a lifestyle they either know very little of; or, absolutely nothing about. Yet certain broadcastings (i.e., music, videos, news, etc.) appear to use violence and criminal intentions as a recruiting tool targeting our brothers.

Do we become a product of our environment? It depends on the situation. Everyone has managed to get a hustle on one time or another in their life to manage financial hardship. All hustles are not illegal – have you ever heard of Aunt Lorraine getting arrested for selling fish dinners on Friday? When was the last time you rode through a local neighborhood where squatters and dealers have claimed ownership of the property without legally closing a single deal! Instead of reinvesting the money earned to build up the community, squatters claim condemned properties as their own and dealers destroy the neighborhoods with public drug-dealing, bullying, drive-by shooting, robbery, and rape. The dealers are people we know sometimes kinfolk. Our young men crave to be accepted and loved… invitation comes easy… and without warning or education of the consequences that follows… prison should not be glorified.

Do you really want a Thug? No, you want a God-fearing Man, that is, a Man that is deeply respectful or fearful of God. A Man who is led by the Holy Spirit to love, protect, respect, and support you. Love is not neglect, physical or verbal abuse. Love is an affection shared between two people that care about one another. A Man that loves you will provide home maintenance, have food on the table, protect the family, and make love to you unconditionally. He is not perfect, but his presence is known and authority readily-available. Relationships are constant work in progress, but it feels good to have a man to hold, rather than one always on the go!


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