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5 Trends to Let Go in 2018

As we move into 2018, lets freshen things up a bit by letting go of some of the trends we made popular in previous years. In actuality, this trends are over-done, over-saturated and over-whelming at this point. Now ultimately the decision is yours, but here are some of the things we recommend saying goodbye to in 2018.

The Choker

This one will hurt. Chokers are cool! We can dress them up, dress them down and they come in a variety of styles and textures. Has this 90’s trend been played out to the max? Jewelry trends have transitioned from minimalist to big and bold. We are not sure if chokers will make it to New Years 2019.


“What is this Velvet?” Velvet has been incorporated beautifully into formal wear, street wear and accessories alike. Following the explosion of the adored velvet ensembles, we predict that it will become pretty tired before the next winter season.

Jean on Jean

Are we done with the denim trend? Matching denim separates has been a hit the past few years. Well word on the street is that camouflage is creeping in to take its place. We'll have to keep watch.

Off the Shoulder

This is a trend that comes and goes. In 2017, we have seen it all when it comes to off the shoulder, cold shoulder and one shoulder styles. As timeless as it seems, when you walk into a room and everyone has the same cut top it’s time to shake it up.


Fringes and tassels are always fun. We have seen an evolution of this trend over the past 5 years. Fringes also appeared in 2017 Fashion Week runways which means they are not yet out of style. The trend is especially popular with festival goers, namely Coachella enthusiasts. While we don’t suspect they will just disappear, we think we've had enough moving into 2018.

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