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Keeping Water Clean with Style!

This year's 4th annual Africa Gives Back Gala was a cultural showstopper and let me tell you, founder Troy Massa let no one down! From beginning to end, the gala welcomed guests with the star treatment. From arriving on the red carpet, which gave us ample amount of opportunity for any and every photo we wanted. Guests were greeted with photographers, photo booths, and media personnel’s which provided everyone with the luxuries of the gala. Effortlessly capturing the stylish angles we all just had to have.

In great African fashion, all sorts of modern mixed with traditional pieces were showcased. Ankara, a highly favored colorful tribal-like fabric, designed to perfection, floated around throughout the event. Women, sported gorgeous head wraps and long beautiful exceptionally styled dresses, while the men killed the game in tailored African costumes. I, myself, designed my own dress which I had sewn in Sierra Leone, West Africa due to the type of creativity and potential looks I was up against!

Troy, a Sierra Leonean creative and all around Renaissance man, showed his passion and clear mission to bring clean water to the continent of Africa. While setting the bar for philanthropy and fashion, he humbled you with beautiful footage from different countries from the motherland giving you a taste of our roots with dancers and performers of all kinds. Troy continuously reminded us why “Water is Life." Each and every year, Troy presents his campaign with a celebrity ambassador and this year’s beauty was Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle Bryant. As she strutted in a stunning dress designed by the man of the hour, it was safe to say Gizelle is here for the culture!

During the event, you could easily find yourself networking with your fashionable neighbor or meeting up with your long lost friend from Instagram! Social media influencers and familiar faces were all in attendance, dancing, and enjoying themselves while supporting the cause.

Throughout the night, I found myself proud to be a young, West African women, just trying to make a difference. Personally, I can’t wait to attend the 5th annual Africa Gives Back Gala. Thanks to Troy Massa for creating such a great platform that allows our generation flourish and grow with style!

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