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It Starts with a Swipe

Many dating articles start by stating how difficult it is to find the right person, the ins and outs of the dating world and how we meet the worse people on the internet. They discuss how dating is not what it was years ago, when people properly courted each other; when women played the dainty damsel and men played the hero who swooped in to save her. Sure, some people like the old-school approach but many of us prefer the simplicity of dating sites and apps. One of the most famous is Tinder.

Since the ease of dating apps has arrived, it is very simple to create an account, choose your favorite 3 selfies, a witty sentence, and start swiping. Within minutes you are matched with people you may not have had access to before. Of course, while there is accessibility to great people there is also the inevitable chance that some creeps are out there waiting to match with you and make you feel uncomfortable. But for every 100 swipes there’s bound to be one good one!

Tinder is a place where you can find a little bit of everything, if you are looking for something casual, friendship, or serious then it will be there but you have to make sure you swipe right on the person that best fits what you are looking for. It’s much like a game, you win some and you will lose some. Not everyone is going to be “the person”. Tinder is a place where you can open your mind, options, and heart to new experiences and new people.

Yes, dating on the internet has its downfall. It can lead to a dangerous situation but so can hooking up with that stranger you met at the bar. The dangers in dating are contingent on the people that are involved. There are no formal background checks on Tinder or in the bar but proceed with caution and don’t let the negativity stop you from making new memories with people who are just trying to figure it out just like you are.

While, this article is not an advertisement for Tinder, it is words of encouragement for you to experience dating with an open mind and not fall victim to the stereotypes portrayed by others. This article is also to help you enjoy others who may or may not fit into the box that you created. Remember, Tinder is only an app. If you swipe right on people who openly state “looking for hook-ups” then you will meet people who are looking for hookups but if you clearly state what you are looking for in your profile description then you may find someone that is on the same path.

There have been many success stories that start with a swipe and lead to a marriage. Maybe you just want a series of hook-ups, friends to hang with, or the “one”, either way Tinder can provide a little bit of everything. Take a risk, put yourself out there, and go get what you are looking for! It starts with a swipe : )

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