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New Years, New Goals

Have you been to the gym lately? Many of you have and if not you may want to wait a few weeks. Why? It’s packed. Everyone is gearing up to take on the popular resolution of every New Year. Everyone wants to look the part in 2017, 2016, 2015... We get it. This means losing weight and eating healthy. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is not a resolution, it’s a lifestyle. How about cutting the fat and shaking friends. Again, not a resolution; it’s a tantrum.

New Year resolutions are about improvements, not the transformations of lives. Change takes time and transformations can take months—even years. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. If you want to see changes in your life, just start by consciously making better choices. We often don’t make great choices because of our lack of planning. Take time to plan your day ahead, then your upcoming.

Now no one is against resolutions. Seriously, we are not. The problem is that most resolutions we make take commitment, time and stress. Women already take on enough burdens in their lives. We have families, jobs, businesses, and reputations to uphold on our shoulders. The world is too critical on us all ready. Let 2017 be stress free by doing things that are positive and fulfilling.

As far as the New Year, let’s make New Year Goals to brave something new, knock off something on the old “bucket list”, or pay it forward. The idea is to have some fun and make it count.

Need Ideas? Try these to get the ball rolling:

  1. Try a new hair color.

  2. Buy a new comforter set.

  3. Plan a trip to a place you haven’t heard of.

  4. Open a new network of friends.

  5. Give charity to the least expecting.

  6. Read an interesting book.

  7. Join an interest group.

  8. Purge your closet before shopping, and then donate.

  9. Experiment with cool recipes with friends or family.

  10. Learn something new. Google it.

  11. Eat something questionable (but edible).

  12. Milk a Cow. Simple yet exciting.

  13. Plant some herbs. Think beyond cannabis.

  14. Participate in a charity walk.

  15. Plan a pamper party with friends.

All things are possible but let’s not forget to have fun as we improve our lives.

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