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Nura Bra Fit Event

On October 30th, Nura Magazine hosted their first Bra Fit Party at Nordstrom at the Pentagon City location in Arlington, Virginia. The Bra Fit Party was held in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The publication partnered with the Tigerlily Foundation and during the event, honored its founder Maimah Karmo for her bravery in conquering Breast Cancer and compassion for helping women nationwide. Maimah Karmo shared her story as the cover feature in the latest issue of Nura Magazine (Fall/Winter 2016).

The purpose of the event was to encourage women to get fit for bras at least once a year. Properly fitting bras enhance quality of life and self-presentation. Nordstrom’s regional fit coordinator, Dora Lazarus, explained the importance of a great bra fit. Experts say “7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bras. I believe the statistic is higher based on my experience. Almost every woman I fit is wearing the wrong size,” Dora exclaimed. Lingerie professionals are skilled in placing women in the best garments to fit their diverse lifestyle.

Nordstrom’s certified prostheses fitters are also trained to fit women in alternative garments necessary for post-operative care related to lumpectomy, mastectomy, or reconstructive breast surgery. The prosthesis process is meant to be an intimate experience housed in the privacy of the Lingerie department. Dora explained, “The Nordstrom family was too touched by Breast Cancer and wanted to provide a service so that women could shop for prosthesis and bras the same way they did before their surgery.” Nordstrom does not advertise its service but instead relies on more personal methods such as medical referrals and word of mouth. The company also accepts a variety of insurance carriers to help alleviate costs.

Nura Magazine co- founder, Akilah Clark, honored her mother Cynthia Clark, who championed breast cancer 3 years ago. Akilah’s involvement with Nordstrom’s prosthesis program was simultaneous with her mother’s Breast Cancer diagnosis, mastectomy and recovery. After a deadly infection caused by complications of reconstructive surgery, Akilah was able to fit her mother with an alternative solution that she proudly wears today. Cynthia shared, “I would like to thank my daughter Akilah for an excellent prosthesis experience. People are put in the right place at the right time”.

This event is also meaningful to co-Founder Crystal Davis who lost her grandmother to breast cancer at a very young age. Crystal's grandmother had an enduring fight. She underwent a double mastectomy and a series of chemotherapy treatments. She ultimately lost her battle with breast cancer. Due to her familial history Crystal understands and seeks to spread the importance of breast cancer awareness. “I encourage all women to do regular [breast] examinations, I do them. Even though I am too young to do mammograms, I will be sure to do one as soon as I can,” Crystal stated. Crystal gave honorary gifts to her mother and aunt on behave of her late grandmother.

Nura Magazine will partner with Nordstrom annually to reach a larger audience. Nordstrom looks to partner with Nura Magazine in the Spring on an event with a focus on skin tones, hues and the definition of nudes. Nura Magazine thanks everyone who made the event a success.

Photography Credit: Shaun Jones, Memory Lane LLC

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