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Kris Kelli takes the Music Industry by Storm with #DuttyPop

Creating her own genre of music, Kris Kelli infuses Caribbean and Pop into a masterful and infectious work of art. #DuttyPop is a term coined by Kris Kelli herself to give definition to the work that she and so many Caribbean and West Indian artists have been doing for years.

“People are always trying to categorize my music, whether they say Trap, Rap, Pop, or Hip Hop. My music is a mixture of everything I’ve been influenced by my whole life. It includes all those things including Dance Hall and Reggae and much more. That’s my genre… that’s what I do!”

Raised in Kingston Jamaica, Kris was encouraged by her parents to do all things related to music, arts, and entertainment which included singing, modeling, acting and playing instruments. She thanks her parents now as she is taking the music world by storm. Kris recently announced that she is signed to MMG Digital with Rick Ross under the Maybach Music Group. Already signed with Block Entertainment, Kris is now the 1st Lady of both MMG Digital and Block Entertainment.

Above all, she is the Queen of #DuttyPop.

“My involvement with Rick Ross and MMG will show everybody in Jamaica, America, and anyone else watching, that I am making big accomplishments. I don’t look at it like ‘I made it’. I look at it like a stepping stone to where I want to be and I know Block and Rick Ross can steer me where I want to go.”

This comes to no surprise for most who know Kris Kelli. She is strategic with everything she does. Missing the sandy beaches and delicious Caribbean food, Kris decided to move to Atlanta 5 years ago with a purpose of taking her career to the next level. She came to Atlanta to “create a different sound of music”. Kris was influenced by favorites such as Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, Gwen Stephanie, Nelly Furtado and various Jamaican artists including Patra and Diana King.

Optimistic about her evolving career, Kris Kelli has much more in store. She is working to create her own Liquor. Already, Kris has partnered with Ciroc to create popular promotional cocktails named Tingston (Ciroc & Ting), Third World Problems (5 Ciroc blend), and Amaretto Sweet. She is working on her own swim suit line capitalizing her love for water. She also aims to begin her career in acting. “Since I left Jamaica, I am doing everything that I said that I want to do. I am a patient person and the Music Industry teaches patience. I want to build my craft and be strategic about it.”

Kris Kelli just finished a 44 city tour with Floetry. This has been her longest tour to date. On April 15th, she released her EP 3rd World Problem which is available digitally on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. On May 16th she will release Light Up with an undisclosed “top” artist. Be sure to check out Me and You, her hit single with Rick Ross.

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