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Yandy Smith - Love and Hip Hop NY

Yandy On and Off Screen

"On a normal day, I wear my natural hair. I don’t do my make up or do my nails. I didn’t think I was TV material. I thought I was too normal. When you are working behind the scenes, especially behind the scenes with men, you learn to play yourself down and look normal. I didn’t want any inappropriate thoughts or actions. It’s become my norm. I didn’t want any extra attention".

"I didn’t have to change who I was but I did have to start doing my hair. I am still not with getting my nails done. I don’t have tips or anything. I have a day job. I’m a mom. Of course on the show, I have to play myself up a little more. When I go out now, I have to dress up for parties and events. I usually could go to the club and wear jeans because I was working. I wasn’t the main attraction. Now people are coming to see me. Now I have to be cute, a little bit!"

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