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The concept of dating has been lost in the mix and seems to be a task that’s daunting! Why is that? Dating is supposed to be fun and about getting to know someone. You can have the hopes of making a relationship or simply an adventure for the moment, but somewhere in time this meaning was lost! Why that is may be the question right on the tip of your tongue. Well somewhere in society chivalry has been traded, bashed and turned into being thirsty. The tit

le side chick is being glorified and it is ok for a guy to be a "player". What does that mean for regular everyday women? It means that the chicks that do it for the gram, posing half naked through social media post, get the likes and attention of the potential dating pool. The ironic thing is that these same girls turn around and call the guy they are craving this validation from, "thirsty". Now when you meet this guy he approaches you incorrectly or quickly attempts a sexual situation before he even knows your middle name. Seems to me that dating in a major city is just as hard as making a purchase on Black Friday.

Ladies, don't give up hope! There are some guys out there looking past the "Do It for the Gram" chicks. They are waiting to hold doors, send you good morning texts, and surprise you with cute dates. You just have to be mature enough not to call him thirsty and push him away when he is trying to sweep you off your feet. Never settle for less than you deserve, especially not a side chick. You get what you require and you deserve to be treated like a Queen!


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